GOP Could See 'Tsunami' of Voters on Election Day

GOP Could See 'Tsunami' of Voters on Election Day

In many battleground states, Republicans traditionally outperform Democrats at the polls on Election Day, and some analysts believe there will be a GOP “tsunami” at the polls on next Tuesday’s Election Day.

Over the last two weeks, GOP political operatives have noted Democrats have been turning out “high-propensity voters” — or voters who normally vote on Election Day — for early voting, while Republicans have been turning “low propensity voters” — or voters who traditionally do not vote on Election Day. This means Democrats have fewer voters to draw from their universe on Election Day while Republicans have more. 

One Republican analyst said “Democrats are cannibalizing their high-propensity voters in advance of election day to get stories that they are winning,” which is amounting to “stealing from Peter, or Election Day, to pay Paul, or early voting.”

As the Examiner noted, “in Ohio, the Democrats have turned out 43 percent of the most loyal supporters to vote, compared to just 27 percent of the GOP. In Iowa, the difference is 43 percent to 29 percent.”

Although Democrats have touted their early voting strength, a Gallup poll found Romney with a seven-point lead among voters who have already voted, and even a Pew Research survey found Romney already has a “turnout advantage over Obama, which could loom larger as Election Day approaches.”