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Conservatives Launch Papa John's Appreciation Day

Conservatives Launch Papa John's Appreciation Day

Only the left would react to a business going under by boycotting it. But that’s precisely what the left has tried with Papa John’s, the pizza company whose CEO had the temerity to state that Obamacare costs would necessarily be borne by employees and consumers. The left believes that companies that fire or cut back after President Obama’s re-election are somehow unpatriotic; the facts are that such companies are worried, rightly, about Obama’s treatment of businesses, and with the impact of Obamacare.

Thanks to the left’s unhinged response to Papa John’s, the right has responded with Papa John’s Appreciation Day, today. Rebooting America has organized the event, complete with Twitter hashtag #IStandWithPapaJohns. The point of the day, as Rebooting America describes it: “Papa Johns has been targeted by the left for a boycott, for simply articulating that ObamaCare would hurt profits and force cutbacks in employee hours. Stand up to this nonsensical and illogical action and support Papa Johns this Friday!”

The left’s hatred for business couldn’t be any clearer than in this case; their hatred for reality is even greater than that. Papa John’s Appreciation Day is truly appreciation for capitalism itself – and for the burdens government and the left place on the folks who do all the hiring in America.

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