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Liberal IKEA Announces 'Regret' For Using Slave Labor

Liberal IKEA Announces 'Regret' For Using Slave Labor


Ikea, which has become world famous not only for its furniture but for its sanctimonious leftism, has announced “regret” for using East German slave labor to make its product during the cold war. According to the Associated Press, Ikea allowed forced prison labor from its suppliers. Ikea apparently took measures to stop this, but they were “insufficient.” Ikea announced:

We deeply regret that this could happen. The use of political prisoners for manufacturing was at no point accepted by IKEA … at the time we didn’t have the well-developed control system that we have today and we clearly did too little to prevent such production methods.

Ikea’s hypocrisy is nothing new. While Ikea is a vocal proponent of gay marriage, for example, the photos in their Saudi catalog airbrush female models out so as not to offend Islamist sensibilities. The founder of Ikea reportedly joined the Swedish Nazi Party in 1943.

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