PETA: Turkeys Are Like Blacks, Women, Gays

PETA: Turkeys Are Like Blacks, Women, Gays

People for the Ethic Treatment of Animals (PETA), which is famous for its shock tactics and its idiotic equation of animals to humans (most shamefully, in its “Holocaust On Your Plate” campaign), has now carried its message to the White House. While pushing President Obama to skip the yearly Thanksgiving turkey pardon, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said, “You understand so well that African-Americans, women, and members of the LGBT community have been poorly served throughout history, and now I am asking you to consider other living beings who are ridiculed, belittled, and treated as if their sentience, feelings, and very natures count for nothing.” Turkeys, said Newkirk, did not need to be pardoned; “they are not guilty of anything other than being born into a world of prejudice.”

Comparing turkeys to blacks, women, and gays is certainly dehumanizing for blacks, women, and gays. But don’t expect to see minority rights groups calling on PETA for an apology anytime soon. After all, members of the left stick with other members of the left, no matter how insulting they may be.

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