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NYC: Pockets of Romney Support Largely Orthodox Jews

NYC: Pockets of Romney Support Largely Orthodox Jews

A New York Times story about the lone island of Mitt Romney support in the vast blue sea of New York City buried the lead: that island is heavily Orthodox Jewish. Many Americans constantly ask why Jews consistently vote Democrat, despite the Democratic Party’s less-than-enthusiastic support for the state of Israel, and social values at odds with traditional Jewish values. The answer is obvious: more observant Jews don’t vote Democrat. And even the Times admits it.

According to the Times, Romney “enjoyed strong support from a range of neighborhoods with large populations of Orthodox Jews … Mr. Obama’s worst precincts were in Orthodox Jewish areas like Ocean Parkway and Williamsburg in Brooklyn and Kew Gardens Hills in Queens.”

The gap in the Jewish community is widening. Observant Jews vote Republicans. Bagels-and-lox Jews vote Democrat. The good news for Republicans: observant Jews have more children. Look for the numbers to move over time toward Republicans rather than the opposite in the rapidly-aging Jewish community.

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