Exclusive – Boehner: 'Unreasonable' White House Passing up 'Middle Ground Offer'

Exclusive – Boehner: 'Unreasonable' White House Passing up 'Middle Ground Offer'

Today, House Speaker John Boehner offered a counteroffer to the White House’s insulting fiscal cliff offer, which would have increased taxes by $1.6 trillion, raised spending, and indefinitely suspended the debt ceiling. Boehner’s offer would have included $800 billion in new tax revenue from closing loopholes and limiting deductions, and reduced the deficit by $2.2 trillion overall by implementing spending cuts and entitlement reforms.

The White House immediately rejected the offer.

Tonight, Boehner’s office fired back. Kevin Smith, spokesman for the Speaker, told Breitbart News: “Republicans have once again offered a responsible, balanced plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, and the White House has once again demonstrated how unreasonable it has become. If the President is rejecting this middle ground offer, it is now his obligation to present a plan that can pass both chambers of Congress.”

No such plan is likely to be forthcoming from a president who is becoming more and more obvious about his desire to drive Americans over the fiscal cliff.