C-SPAN Must Broadcast the Fiscal Talks

C-SPAN Must Broadcast the Fiscal Talks

The news is awash with developments surrounding attempts to avert the fiscal cliff.  Offers/Counter offers, mockery, indignation, adjective-laden press releases and ominous threats from talking heads dominate the news cycle. Let’s cut to the chase.

Senator Jeff Sessions along with Grover Norquist have suggested C-SPAN cameras should be covering these high stakes negotiations that will directly impact the public from whom they are hidden.  It’s time the we have an unfettered view of our political representation in action without the media filter and spin. 

The public is capable of deciding who is being reasonable and unreasonable, who is talking about cuts and reform and who is talking about tax hikes. The Congress must stand by their proposals and answer to the public, a public who pays their salary and and for whom they work. 

There is no need for the media to “translate” the “meaning” of such negotiations. If the expectation is that the public will foot the bill and suffer the consequences to remedy the government’s reckless spending, the public needs to know who is fighting for us, for our jobs and who is fighting for themselves.

Obama promised to be the most transparent president, he promised transparency on Obamacare in front of the cameras. The American people are due for some transparency. What could the President and Congress have to hide?

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