4,200 Coloradans Buy Guns Day After Sandy Hook

4,200 Coloradans Buy Guns Day After Sandy Hook

Unlike what leftists believe, when a tragedy like the Newtown massacre occurs, Americans don’t want to ban guns, they want to buy guns. In Colorado on Saturday, one day after the shootings in Connecticut, there were so many gun-purchase background check requests that it set a one-day record.

Colorado thought the previous record of 4,028 background checks set on Black Friday after Thanksgiving this year would stand for a while, but it was broken by the 4,200 requests on Saturday.

Richard Taylor, owner of the combination gun store and indoor firing range L & M Firing Line, said “This is the busiest we’ve ever been. As soon as they announced that the President (Barack Obama) was going to start speaking and possibly mention gun control, yeah things just went crazy. And Saturday and Sunday, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

One customer said, “All the mass shootings, everything we’ve seen on the news, people are more concerned with protecting their home, their families.”

After the Aurora shootings earlier this year, where an AR-15 assault rifle was used, there is a feeling that the Obama Administration may ban AR-15 assault rifles.

Another Firing Line customer said, “There’s so much controversy over (AR-15s) that they feel, well I need to get one because they may never be able to get one again.”

Taylor noted the increased waiting time for background checks; he said that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation usually takes 15 minutes to process one, but in the aftermath of Connecticut, they are taking up to 23 hours. He added, “There are 2,134 people waiting for background checks right now. This is as high as I’ve ever seen it — absolutely.  Prior to this we thought 1,100 (pending background checks) was really high.”


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