Walmarts in at Least Five States Sold Out of Semi-Automatic Guns

Walmarts in at Least Five States Sold Out of Semi-Automatic Guns

After President Barack Obama and liberals seized upon the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre to push for more gun control laws, Walmarts in at at least five states, including Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Kansas, sold out of semi-automatic guns. In addition, bids for handgun magazines have soared on EBay as liberals try to push for laws that restrict how much ammunition people can buy. 

Employees at Walmarts in Millbrook and Hoover, Alabama confirmed to Breitbart News that their stores had sold out of semi-automatic guns. They told Breitbart News their stores would restock the sold-out guns but did not know the precise date on which their stores would receive the new shipment.  

According to Bloomberg, Walmart said “it would continue to sell guns, including rifles like the one used at Newtown” and has “about 10 modern sporting rifles” listed on its website. Since Walmart will not sell semi-automatic guns online, potential purchasers must enter their zip codes to find the nearest store where they can buy their desired gun. 

In April 2011, after reducing the number of guns at its stores in 2006, Walmart “reintroduced firearms to many stores” as part of a “strategy to add merchandise back to shelves and revive sales growth at its Wal-Mart locations in the U.S.” According to analysts, while Walmart has not disclosed how much it has made from gun sales, the move may have helped as U.S. Wal-Mart stores post “their first gain in same-store sales in more than two years in October 2011.”  Bloomberg reported that at an analysts’ meeting in October, Walmart’s gun revenue increased by 76 percent in the first half of this fiscal year.

According to Bloomberg, the demand for magazines has also increased since Sandy Hook. On EBay, bids for Glock handgun magazines were as high as $118.37, up from $45 on the day of the shooting. Likewise, the high bid for Glock magazines was at $201 on December 17, up from $71.01 before the shootings.