Nancy Pelosi Defends Doctored 'Diversity' Photo of House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi Defends Doctored 'Diversity' Photo of House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives and former Speaker of the House, is defending a faked photograph released on Thursday showing the “diversity” of the female members of the Democrat delegation to Congress.

The photo featuring “all” the Democrat women of the House standing on the steps outside the Capital building was released by the California Democrat on her Flikr account on January 3.

Oddly, the four Democrats shown on the top steps in the back of the group are not really in the photo. The images of the four were Photoshopped into the picture and weren’t present when the group photo was taken. The missing four were added later by Pelosi’s computer-wielding staffers. You can see both the original photo and the photoshopped results here.

When the former Speaker was confronted about the faked photograph, Pelosi defended the release of the doctored image, saying it was an “accurate” portrayal of “who the members of Congress are.”

Apparently, the photo is another example of the left wing’s “fake but accurate” style of reporting.

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