Chicago Alderman Moreno: 'We Already Do' Infringe Second Amendment

Chicago Alderman Moreno: 'We Already Do' Infringe Second Amendment

Chicago Alderman Joe “Proco” Moreno has stated that the government is justified in infringing the Second Amendment because it “already” does.

Thursday, Chicago Alderman Joe “Proco” Moreno argued in favor of an assault weapons ban with Fox Business’s Melissa Francis. After Francis suggested an assault weapons ban might not actually curb violence and that it leads down a slippery slope that infringes on the Second Amendment, Moreno dismissed the objection. 

“I so, I get so tired of that trite saying,” he said. “That’s the problem. You say that why are we going to infringe on the second amendment? Well, we already do.”

This isn’t the first time Moreno has exposed his lack of respect for the Bill of Rights and rule of law. You might recall Moreno’s assault on the First Amendment last year, when he exercised “aldermanic privilege” and denied Chick-fil-A owner Dan Cathy a permit to open a restaurant in Moreno’s ward. Moreno said his reason for the denial was due to Cathy expressing his Christian views about same-sex marriage during a radio interview.

It has been speculated that Moreno’s actions against Chick-fil-A were a power play against Rahm Emauel–who had no authority to challenge Moreno’s actions–because of Moreno’s potential ambitions to challenge Emanuel for Mayor of the Chicago in the future. 

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