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Two South Florida Men Use Guns to Protect Themselves from Robbers

Two South Florida Men Use Guns to Protect Themselves from Robbers


The Miami area saw two stories of armed citizens protecting themselves Monday night. A homeowner in Miami stopped his house from being robbed by shooting the intruders, killing one. Meanwhile, a gas station clerk in Hollywood, Florida used a gun to stop would-be robbers, killing one suspect.

The homeowner, only identified as a 19-year old male, called 911 when two men tried to break into his house. Shots were exchanged and one suspect died at the scene. The other managed to escape. 

The robbers walked into the store, firing their guns. The clerk knew their intentions, grabbed his gun, and started to fire back.

“They were going in with the intent, that, according to the clerk, they came in firing, so they didn’t know he was armed,” Hollywood Police Sgt. Pablo Vanegas said. “They were coming in to do what they were gonna do.”

The clerk hit one suspect, who died at the scene. The second one escaped, but was quickly caught by the police. The clerk was not injured.

Neither had time to wait for the police. They had to act right away if they wanted to survive.

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