National School Choice Week Takes Message Across Country

National School Choice Week Takes Message Across Country

National School Choice Week, a grass roots effort that hopes to raise the nation’s awareness of the benefits of school choice, is hosting its first nationwide whistle-stop train tour from Jan. 25th — Feb. 2nd. Over 3,500 events have been independently planned across the country to demonstrate the overwhelming support and demand for school choice.

The National School Choice Week Special–a historic railcar–will depart Los Angeles’ Union Station on January 25th and arrive in New York on Feb. 2nd. Parents, students, community leaders, education organizations, and elected officials will host 14 special events along the tour’s route, all of which are located here.

Andrew Campanella, president of National School Choice Week, writes that “the Special will link the modern-day fight for educational equality to important movements that have shaped the American way of life–from suffrage to civil rights–all of which used similar whistle-stop tours…”

Of special interest this year are the Common Core State Standards, a national set of academic standards that have been adopted in dozens of states. Those who oppose the Common Core initiative, however, argue that decisions about the education of children should be made locally, and not by the federal government.

The state of Texas has rejected the Common Core Standards, and Indiana legislators will soon vote on a bill that would repeal the standards. “Indiana parents and teachers should be in control of standards and testing, not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.,” said one Indiana parent at a rally at the state capitol building.

Communities, schools, businesses, farms, and others can participate in National School Choice Week by hosting an event. Find out more information here. To learn more about whether your state provides school choice, visit the Heritage Foundation School Choice in America map.