CA Gas Prices Heading Back to Over $4 per Gallon

CA Gas Prices Heading Back to Over $4 per Gallon

Gas prices in California are heading skyward again, with the anticipated average in Southern California on its way to exceeding $4 per gallon. The average price in California is currently $3.73 a gallon, with Southern Californians paying $3.31 per gallon after a 17-cent jump yesterday.

Patrick DeHaan, senior energy analyst for price tracker, said, “California is going to be hit much worse than other states–and those prices come down the chain pretty quick.” 

Tom Kloza of the Oil Price Information Service agreed: “California bottoms before other markets. In 30-plus years, there are virtually no cases where California gas prices didn’t move up from (late) January to St. Patrick’s Day.”

Last year’s oil refinery slowdown caused California’s gas prices to rise to over $5 per gallon at one point.