Tea Party Favorite Steve King '50/50' On Senate Bid

Tea Party Favorite Steve King '50/50' On Senate Bid

Tea party favorite and veteran Iowa congressman Steve King says he is “fifty-fifty” on whether he will run for the senate seat vacated by retiring Tom Harkin.  

King appeared on Mornings on the Mall on WMAL-FM in Washington DC with me and co-host Brian Wilson last week. King has long been a favorite of the tea party movement and has supported them at all times.  He supported this site’s founder, Andrew Breitbart, when he called the Congressional Black Caucus’ claim of racial epithets from tea party protesters during Obamacare protests lies.  

King was also at the forefront of pushing back against the Pigford scheme and used his influence on the Agriculture Committee to try to stop the controversial payout to African Americans who claimed they “attempted to farm” but were discriminated against by the Department of Agriculture.  He tried, in vain, to focus fellow congressman on the actual plight of actual farmers who had been discriminated against, instead of the frivolous payout constructed in the class-action suit President Obama pushed for.  

Rep. King was also one of a group of congressmen who paid tribute to Breitbart on the occasion of his untimely death and attended his funeral in Los Angeles last March.

King also said that he was enthused by the idea of announcing his bid for the senate on a live simulcast on WMAL-FM and right here at Breitbart News Network.

Rep. King, we’d be honored.