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Jan Brewer Staunchly Defends Securing Border

Jan Brewer Staunchly Defends Securing Border

Sunday on Face the Nation, Arizona governor Jan Brewer was asked how she felt about Senator Marco Rubio working with Democrats like Schumer on a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Brewer responded, “Well, I think its wonderful that everybody’s coming together, in cooperation to find a solution and I am very, very appreciative of Senator Rubio in stating and encouraging that before anything is done, that we have border security established, and then I think we can move forward.”

Later, when she was asked whether she agreed with the idea that a path to citizenship should be simultaneous with controlling the border, Brewer answered, “No, no, no, we’ve been down this path previously in trying to address the issue about whether we can do this together, comprehensive immigration reform and the security of the border. We need to secure our border first and then move forward. I feel very, very strongly about that; I think the people, certainly of Arizona, agree with that. I think that’s going to be a stumbling block of trying to get something done. A president whom I admired promised the border security to us; when they moved forward last time it didn’t happen, and we are still faced with a very insecure, unsecure border. I was just down at the border; it is not secure.”

Still later, when she was asked about an interview in which she stated that drug cartels were waiting across the border, ready to cross illegally, Brewer asserted, “I know. I saw them. We see them all the time. You can talk… I visually saw them. They’re staging. They’re staging during the day, and they come across at night. Our fences aren’t complete. Our border patrols are too far north… We are the recipients of all the crime that has taken place. Extortion. Human trafficking. The prostitution. The cost in jails. It’s a bad problem… to sit in Arizona, with people 3,000 miles away making decisions affecting our lives on a daily basis.”

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