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Gosnell Jury Leaves for Weekend Without Verdict; Resume Monday

Gosnell Jury Leaves for Weekend Without Verdict; Resume Monday


Nick Kalman of Fox News reports via Twitter that the jury in the trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell has left for the weekend without a verdict. It will resume deliberations on Monday.

LifeNews spoke to Samuel Casey, a pro-life attorney, about the jury’s deliberations and the process of coming to a verdict in the Gosnell trial.

According to Casey, under Pennsylvania law, all 12 of the jurors must reach a unanimous verdict on any of the murder counts Gosnell faces in order for him to be convicted. The elements of each charged crime must be proven beyond reasonable doubt for that juror to vote to convict on a particular count. Just one reluctant juror could lead to a mistrial on any of the first-degree murder charges.

Casey says that the jury will only be deciding whether Gosnell is guilty related to the charges against him. If convicted, a second jury will determine sentencing during the penalty phase of the trial.

The fact that Gosnell faces over 250 charges, and that he has a co-defendant, Eileen O’Neill, for which the jury is considering charges against as well, suggest the jury may take a lengthy period of time to arrive at a verdict.

The jury has already requested to review testimony and evidence related to the Gosnell trial on three occasions.

Casey said that the judge in the case has allowed the members of the jury to go home at night. He instructs jurors not to read or view reports on the case in the news and to avoid discussion about the case with others.

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