Bill Kristol: Rubio Should Walk Away from 'Gang of 8' Bill

Bill Kristol: Rubio Should Walk Away from 'Gang of 8' Bill

On The Laura Ingraham Show Tuesday morning, The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol expressed his opposition to the “Gang of 8” bill and noted that Senator Marco Rubio “should walk away from it,” adding: “He should say ‘I made a good faith effort, but you know what, this is not a piece of legislation.'”

Calling the bill a “big government, liberal piece of legislation,” he explained why conservatives should oppose it:

I couldn’t vote for this bill. I just don’t think it’s good conservative governance, and I don’t think there’s any need to compromise with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama at this point. There’s no crisis…. [The bill] is a huge… bureaucracy-creating, bureaucracy-trusting bill…. Think of the trust you have to have in bureaucracy to make all this work…. If you like ObamaCare, you should like this immigration bill. I honestly think conservatives should oppose it on those grounds alone.

Kristol warned, as Rep. Steve King (Iowa) also cautioned earlier this month, that legalization is something that cannot be undone: “[O]nce you legalize, you legalize. It’s done…. Once you cross the bridge, you can’t go back.”