Zimmerman Defense Wants Pictures of Pot-Smoking Trayvon Admitted

Zimmerman Defense Wants Pictures of Pot-Smoking Trayvon Admitted

The George Zimmerman defense team in the case of Trayvon Martin, whom Zimmerman killed during an altercation in March 2012 in Sanford, Florida, is contending that evidence of Martin’s possible drug use and gun involvement should be admitted into court. On Thursday, Zimmerman’s attorney’s released pictures and texts from Martin’s cellphone, including pictures of a pot plant and of a gun, as well as pictures of Martin, smoke emanating from his mouth as he flips off the camera.

Prosecutors hope that the court will prevent admission of the photos altogether, saying the character of the victim is not at issue. The defense says that the prosecution is making Martin’s character an issue, and that it has been an integral issue to the case all along.

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