Rural Small Business Owner: Online Sales Tax Bill Could Kill Company

Rural Small Business Owner: Online Sales Tax Bill Could Kill Company

The Heritage Foundation released a compelling video profiling a small rural Virginia business owner whose company would be threatened if Congress passes an online sales tax bill. 

Catesby Jones, the owner of the Peace Frogs business that sells everything from clothing to accessories, told the Heritage Foundation his story and how he would lose at least 10% of his workforce if Congress passed an online sales tax.  He said his business may have to stop selling online if the bill passes.

He acknowledged that his business’s motto was “live fun, do good,” and made the important point that the online businesses allow kids to come back to rural areas and operate and run businesses.

“You just don’t get that in many places,” he said. “The impact of this regulation is that it could stifle that. It’s a way to put small businesses out of business.” 

He stressed that his business does not have the resources larger corporations have to deal with the burdensome requirements Congress would impose if it passed an online sales tax and said the bill was an example of “corporations beating up on small guys.”  He emphasized the Internet allows small businesses, especially those run from rural and less populous areas, to “make it.”  His story can be seen below:

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