MA: Markey Stumbles On Budget Deficit: 'It's Not Math, It's Arithmetic'

MA: Markey Stumbles On Budget Deficit: 'It's Not Math, It's Arithmetic'

On Tuesday night Gabriel Gomez, the ex-Navy Seal and Republican nominee for Senate, successfully painted his opponent, 37 year Democratic Congressman Ed Markey, as a Washington insider in the second debate between the two candidates competing to win John Kerry’s seat in the Senate. Markey re-enforced that characterization when he offered a defense for his decades of Washington service and his role in generating massive federal budget deficits and a huge national debt. 

“I heard Mr. Gomez talk about math and the budget, well, it’s really not math. It’s just arithmetic. It’s very simple arithmetic, it’s not as complicated as math,” he told a perplexed audience.

As any elementary student knows, arithmetic is a subset of mathematics, like algebra and geometry.

After the debate, Gomez continued to hammer Markey as a Washington insider, pointing to President Obama’s campaign trip to Massachusetts on Wednesday. “I’m honored that the president is coming to Boston….I’m honored that he’s coming here because of me,” Gomez said.

Recent polls show that the election, which will be held on June 25, has tightened. One poll shows that Markey’s lead over Gomez has shrunk to 7 points, while another shows the race is a dead heat.