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'Made in the USA' Creator: Manufacturing 'Lifeblood of America'

'Made in the USA' Creator: Manufacturing 'Lifeblood of America'


The creator of the “Made in the USA” movie wants policies enacted that will lower the purchase price of products made in America to create more jobs at home and better allow Americans to compete in the global economy. 

Josh Miller traveled across America for 30 days and attempted to live only off products that were made in America. He chronicled his journey in the film, “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey, in an interview on “Top Line” with ABC News political director Rick Klein and Yahoo News’ Olivier Knox.  Miller further discussed why he made the film and what he hopes the Made in America movement could accomplish. 

After 650 people, including his father-in-law, lost jobs when a manufacturing plant closed in his hometown in West Virginia, Miller wanted to “take this opportunity” to give “these folks a voice.” He emphasized the “Made in America” movement was about enacting changes in policy to make American-made products cheaper so America could be “put in a position to out-compete the world.” 

He noted Americans do not have to be “Made in America” purists and only buy a product if all of its components are made in America.

Miller said “manufacturing is the lifeblood of America,” and if Americans “request” and “demand” more products made in America, then manufacturing “jobs will come back.” 

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