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Michelle Obama Tells Students to be 'Citizens of the World'

Michelle Obama Tells Students to be 'Citizens of the World'


Michelle Obama, appearing on a Google+ Hangout with youths from South Africa and the United States on Saturday while traveling in Johannesburg, South Africa, proceeded to pump up their self-esteem, saying she was inspired by them, and that all the young people around the globe should use social media to connect to each other. She said:

For you guys to begin to talk to each other and realize that you have so much in common whether you are in Soweto or Houston or anywhere in the world there is so much we can do together. And I want you all to start thinking about being citizens of the world, and in order to do, that you’ve got to start reaching out, and this is just the beginning. You all as young people inspire me, not just because I’m first lady, but I’m a mom, and I know that kids are our future. One of the things that are (sic) so important that I want to have happen or begin to happen here is that young people will begin to talk to each other and share with each other and start inspiring one another across the globe. That is the beauty of technology. That’s what we should be using Twitter and all that stuff for.

Obama continued her pontificating on the White House blog:

That is the power of technology: to make the distance of an ocean disappear with the touch of a button, connecting us across continents so that we can listen to each other, learn from each other, and see how much we all have in common. That is so important, because I want young people like you to think of yourselves as citizens of the world. So I hope you’ll use technologies like Google+ Hangouts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others to continue this conversation and keep on learning from – and being inspired by – kids all across the globe.

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