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Treasury Secretary Lew: US Economy 'Doing Better' than Others

Treasury Secretary Lew: US Economy 'Doing Better' than Others


Despite reports on Sunday that four out of five US adults will spend at least part of their life in poverty, on welfare, or jobless, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on Sunday that the United States is doing well compared with other countries. “I just came back from a meeting of the finance ministers of the 20 largest countries in the world.  And I have to tell you that we’re doing better than most other countries in terms of recovery from this recession. They look at us and they say that we did something right.  We took decisive action in 2008, 2009, 2010.”

Asked whether the president had any new plans with regard to helping the economy, Lew focused on education. “Economic insecurity,” defined by Oxford University Press as a year or more of joblessness, reliance of government, and income well below the poverty line, will affect some 79 percent of Americans. 

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