Census: 25% of New Jersey Adults Moving Back Home with Parents

Census: 25% of New Jersey Adults Moving Back Home with Parents

In Chris Christie’s New Jersey, at least one in four adults, ages 18-31, are living at home–and 42 percent of them are 24 years of age or older, according the U.S. Census Bureau. 

As My9 NJ reported, a Coldwell Banker survey recently found that “parents in the Northeast region are more lenient on this than anywhere else in the US on children moving back home.” This may help explain why so many of the so-called “boomerang” generation are moving back home in New Jersey.

The survey also found that “more than two in three Americans believe that too many adults living at home with their parents are avoiding responsibility, and 65 percent believe too many young adults who move back home after college are overstaying their welcome.”

In fact, as My9 NJ noted, Moody’s has estimated that “each new household that is created helps stimulate the economy, so children moving back home might actually hurt economic growth in the state.”

Photo Source: Flickr/Stephen Glauser

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