Pro-Life Groups Release Ad Targeting Booker's Radical Abortion Views

Pro-Life Groups Release Ad Targeting Booker's Radical Abortion Views

The American Commitment Action Fund (AC Action Fund) and Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) sent out a joint press release about their new ad attacking Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s abortion record. He is the Democrat nominee for New Jersey for the US Senate.

Booker holds extreme abortion views. He does not think there should be any restrictions on abortion and pushed abortion to be an important issue in the Democrat platform. From the press release:

“Cory Booker was instrumental in driving Democrats to make abortion the centerpiece of the party’s platform,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of SBA List.  “His extreme pro-abortion stance flies in the face of the majority of Americans, especially women, who oppose late-term abortion.”

“You cannot get any more extreme on abortion than Cory Booker,” said Phil Kerpen, Founder of AC Action Fund.  “We’re honored to partner with SBA List to bring this shocking information to New Jersey voters.”

When he was the Co-Chair of the Democratic National Convention’s Platform Committee he removed the language safe, legal, and rare. The ad also informs the voters he is okay with taxpayer-funded abortions because he believes a woman should receive an abortion even if she cannot pay for it.

The ad also focused on tweets he sent out where he said he was proud the state wanted to allow late term abortions in unregulated clinics.