NYC Gun Control Affecting More than Just Illegal Guns

NYC Gun Control Affecting More than Just Illegal Guns

What does gun control do to law-abiding citizens who want to be able to defend their own lives? Just ask the citizens of New York City, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s push against illegal guns is having a horrendous impact on legal firearms as well. 

Thanks to gun control in NYC, handgun purchases are riddled with regulations, and the prices for the guns themselves are high. On top of this, the permits necessary to purchase and possess these firearms are difficult to obtain and expensive.

According, the “initial fee for a gun permit is $340, and that doesn’t include an additional $91.50 for fingerprinting.” That’s $431.50 in permit fees the law-abiding citizen must pay on top of the price of his or her handgun–which could be anywhere from another $600 to $1100 or beyond.

In this way, it’s easy to see how gun control makes self-defense unaffordable for many law-abiding citizens, making Bloomberg’s campaign against illegal guns not just about illegal firearms anymore.

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