Obama Chief of Staff: Syria 'Resolution Is Going to Pass'

Obama Chief of Staff: Syria 'Resolution Is Going to Pass'

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough vowed on Sunday that President Barack Obama’s resolution to strike Syria will pass Congress.

“This resolution is going to pass after we work this,” McDonough aid on ABC’s This Week.

McDonough appeared on all five Sunday political shows in an attempt to build support for Obama’s controversial and unpopular proposal to strike Syria.

“Members have been in their districts and in their states, we’ve beentalking to many of them, dozens of them,” said McDonough. “Andwhen they see this intelligence, they do not rebut it. So the bottomline is, they have to answer the question: Should there beconsequences?”

Current tabulations of likely congressional votes, however, stand in contrast to McDonough’s confident prediction. The Washington Post’s current whip count in the House shows 111 representatives against attacking Syria, 116 members leaning no, 181 undecided, and just 25 solidly supporting military action. Obama would need 217 votes in the House of Representatives to win a majority.

Obama’s chances in the Senate are somewhat better. Currently, 17 senators are against military action, 10 lean no, 50 are undecided, and 23 support Obama striking Syria.

A Gallup poll conducted between September 3-4 finds that just 36% of Americans favor military action in Syria, with 51% opposing. Thirteen percent had no opinion.

Obama is scheduled to deliver a speech to the nation on Tuesday to rally support for taking military action in Syria.