Poll: 50% Now Disapprove of Obama

Poll: 50% Now Disapprove of Obama

A national poll released on Tuesday found that 50% of the country now disapproves of President Barack Obama’s overall job performance. In a sign that Obama is losing his core supporters as well, only 78% of Democrats approve of Obama’s job performance. 

These numbers coincide with Obama’s call for military action in Syria, as the  NBC/Wall Street Journal poll also found that 58% of Americans believe “their member of Congress should vote against the resolution authorizing military action in Syria,” and that includes “two-thirds of Republican and independent respondents, as well as a plurality of Democrats.” 

When a president dips below the 80% mark with his own party, it is often a sign that he will have difficulty regaining higher approval ratings and his ratings may plummet further, as was the case with George W. Bush in the midst of the Iraq war last decade. 

The poll was conducted Sept. 5-8, and the margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points.