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Colorado Recalls Prelude for 2014 Congressional Elections?

Colorado Recalls Prelude for 2014 Congressional Elections?


While the Colorado recalls were a wake-up call for state lawmakers around the country, what if they were also a precursor of what could be coming on the federal level in November 2014?

What if the grassroots passion of two districts in Colorado is indicative of what might be accomplished if concern for the 2nd Amendment drives voters to the polls next year?

Ever since the Tea Party steamrolled Democrats and moderate Republicans in the 2010 mid-term elections, conservatives and political onlookers have waited for the next big wave. Clearly, that did not show up for the 2012 elections, but since then gun control has been relentlessly pushed nationally in much the same way it was shoved down the throats of Coloradans earlier this year. 

In the end, the totality of gun control, lawmakers not listening to their constituents, and a liberal agenda gone wild led to a historic recall in Colorado with equally historic results. In a classic David vs. Goliath scenario where the gun control proponents, the tone-deaf lawmakers, and the liberal agenda had six times more funding than the grassroots citizen-activist, the citizens still won.

As we approach 2014 we might want to learn the lessons of September 10, 2013. On that day in Colorado, “we the people” faced down the Obama/Bloomberg war chest and the DNC propaganda machine and came out victorious. 

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