Obama 'Not a Cash Cow' for Dems Any More

Obama 'Not a Cash Cow' for Dems Any More

Barack Obama is not the financial draw he used to be; a fundraiser he is hosting at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City on Tuesday is asking attendees for only half of what they had to pay for a similar event two years ago at the same venue.

In 2011, the event required a $10,000 donation for a single individual to attend, but on Tuesday, that number has been cut to $5,000–and that can cover the cost for an entire family.

One source attested, “He’s clearly not a cash cow (anymore)… He’s made his appointments overseas, the secretary positions. That’s what it is. Those high echelon jobs are gone.”

Obama and the Democratic National Committee are attempting to pay off their $20 million 2012 campaign debt, and to date have only raised $2 million.