Pro-Life Groups Respond to Wendy Davis' Texas Gubernatorial Bid

Pro-Life Groups Respond to Wendy Davis' Texas Gubernatorial Bid

Abortion-on-demand advocate Wendy Davis’ announcement that she will be a candidate for Texas governor drew reactions from pro-life organizations that fought her campaign to derail the new Texas legislation that bans abortion past 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said in a statement:

Wendy Davis entered the national spotlight campaigning against a compassionate limit on late term abortion beyond the fifth to sixth month mark. National and Texas-based polls show that her extreme position contradicts mainstream Americans who simply cannot stomach the brutality of late-term abortion, especially in the wake of Kermit Gosnell. While more and more Americans, most notably women and young people, are moving towards common ground on abortion issues, Wendy Davis is running in the opposite direction. Wendy has gone so far as to cast her abortion position as ‘sacred ground’ on a recent visit to Washington, DC. This extremism is a moral and political mistake that will repel voters, including many Hispanics and women.

Lauren Enriquez, writing for Live Action and noting Erick Erickson of Redstate’s nickname of “Abortion Barbie” for Davis, observed that though news outlets such as Politico have claimed abortion is, in fact, Davis’ “winning issue,” they have still “attempted to paint Wendy Davis as a moderate on abortion in comparison with her staunchly pro-life gubernatorial opponent, former Attorney General Greg Abbott…”

“But in reality,” Enriquez states, “it is a well-known fact that Wendy Davis and her agenda do not represent the majority of Texans, or even the majority of Texas women.”

Enriquez writes that Davis “used abortion advocacy to gain an arsenal of extreme abortion supporters whose loud and boisterous views may be the only benefit they can offer to Wendy’s campaign.”

Texas Right to Life director Jim Graham, whose organization has launched a “Truth Team” to expose Davis’ extreme abortion support, said regarding her candidacy:

Wendy knew Pro-Life Governor Rick Perry would call the legislature back until the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill passed even if doing so required many special sessions.  Neither the inconvenience to her colleagues, nor the cost to the state, let alone the excruciating pain felt by preborn children during late term abortions mattered to Wendy. Wendy needed to make a name for herself to restore her fading political career. The longer Wendy could remain on the stage, the better for Wendy.

Texas Right To Life will be launching a new ad to educate voters about Davis’ commitment to the abortion agenda.