Wendy Davis Omits Democrat Affiliation in Ad

Wendy Davis Omits Democrat Affiliation in Ad

Democrat Wendy Davis, the Texas state Senator who is running for governor, avoided her party label in a four-minute thirty-second campaign ad that introduces herself to voters statewide. 

Davis became a mainstream media darling after she filibustered for the right for women to have late-term abortions in unsafe abortion clinics, but she has been reluctant to tout the support of her new allies to Texans in a statewide election. 

As even the Los Angeles Times observed after seeing the advertisement:

Let us review:

— Field of bluebonnets? Check.

— Rippling Lone Star flag? Check.

— Hand-tooled cowboy boots? Check.

— Chugging oil well? Check.

What’s missing in the four-minute-30-second spot? Any mention of Davis’ party affiliation, to wit, her affiliation with the Democratic Party.