Authorities Ticket Woman over Wheelchair-Using Cat

Authorities Ticket Woman over Wheelchair-Using Cat

A woman from Melbourne, Florida learned that the law can be heartless. Violating a law that prohibits pets from wandering leashless, she received a ticket in excess of $200. 

One of her pets was a kitty cat in a specially designed wheelchair; Pooh Bear’s front legs are fine but his back legs are paralyzed. 

Pooh Bear’s owner, Yvonne Steele, replaced his legs with a make-shift wheelchair she bought on Ebay. She takes him for a walk every day. But Brevard County Animal Services issued her $230 in tickets for failing to have Pooh Bear and Mackenzie, a Chihuahua, on a leash — and for a rabies shot violation.

Steele said she wouldn’t even know where to put a leash on Pooh. There was no handicap parking for cats found at the park.

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