Harry Reid Reopens Nevada Office Amid Shutdown

Harry Reid Reopens Nevada Office Amid Shutdown

Back to work for at least 18 of Sen. Harry Reid’s staffers who spent the last 10 days on furlough due to the government shutdown. 

The aids are returning to work in Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City, yet it is unclear whether Washington staffers will be brought back.

Reid criticized Republicans a week ago while promising Senate action on back pay for furloughed workers, arguing “it made no sense to close the government and send workers home and then pay them essentially for not working”.

Staffing decisions during the shutdown have been left up to individual members of Congress, with some closing their offices and sending significant numbers of aides home, while others keeping offices fully staffed.

An informal Senate survey by The Huffington Post this week indicated Democrats were more likely to close their offices while Republicans tended to keep them open… Reid was the only Nevada lawmaker to close his offices.