Gallup: Self Defense Number One Reason for Gun Ownership

Gallup: Self Defense Number One Reason for Gun Ownership

A recent Gallup poll shows that self-defense is the number one reason for gun ownership.

Among poll respondents, 60 percent cited “personal safety/protection” as the reason they own guns. 36 percent said they own guns for hunting, 13 percent for “recreation/sport,” and 8 percent for “target shooting.”

Other reasons Gallup respondents provided for gun ownership included “Antique/Family Heirloom/Passed Down” (5 percent) and “related to line of work–police, military” (3 percent).

Those who owned guns just because they can–citing their “2nd Amendment right” as a reason–only came in at 5 percent. 

This poll indicates Americans of all political stripes understand that private gun ownership allows them to defend their lives and the lives of their families. And as Art Swift observes, “This…may explain why moving toward greater gun control as Obama and Democrats have sought to do, is so difficult.”

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