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Rand Paul Introduces Resolution Condemning Alleged NSA Spying on Pope

Rand Paul Introduces Resolution Condemning Alleged NSA Spying on Pope

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced a Senate resolution condemning President Barack Obama’s National Security Agency (NSA) for allegedly spying on the Pope on Thursday. Paul specifically called on President Obama himself to address the reports, even though the NSA has denied the claims.

Whereas public news reports this week indicate that the United States National Security Agency monitored millions of phone calls in Italy in late 2012 and early 2013. Whereas these reports indicate that the National Security Agency monitored telephone calls made to and from a residence in Rome where then Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio stayed during the conclave selecting Bergoglio, now known as His Holiness Pope Francis, to succeed Pope Benedict XVI;
Whereas this story has been widely reported in the American and international media. Whereas the National Security Agency has reportedly denied the allegations. Whereas these allegations are serious and President Obama should personally address these reports.

According to the British Telegraph newspaper, Italian weekly news magazine Panorama reported that Obama’s NSA spied on the future Pope Francis “before and during the Vatican conclave at which he was chosen to succeed Benedict XVI.”

“The American spy agency monitored telephone calls made to and from the residence in Rome where the then Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio stayed during the conclave, the secret election at which cardinals chose him as pontiff on March 13,” the Telegraph’s Nick Squires reported on Thursday from Rome.

The NSA, according to the Los Angeles Times, denied the allegations. “The National Security Agency does not target the Vatican,” NSA spokeswoman Vanee’ Vines said in an email to the Times. “Assertions that NSA has targeted the Vatican, published in Italy’s Panorama magazine, are not true.”

In a statement provided to Breitbart News, Sen. Paul said he is calling President Obama himself to address these allegations.

“Today, I introduced a Resolution asking the President to come clean,” Paul said. “It is resolution calling on the President to get control of what’s going on with this spying. I don’t think it does any good for diplomacy to be spying on the Pope and I want an answer from the President.”

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