PBS 'Favorites' Tweet from Guy Who Just Wished Death on Brandon Darby

PBS 'Favorites' Tweet from Guy Who Just Wished Death on Brandon Darby

UPDATE: PBS has apologized to Mr. Darby.

Man watches PBS documentary, hopes FBI informant “hangs.” PBS favorites later tweet defending documentary which inspired call for execution.

Breitbart News author Brandon Darby woke up Sunday morning and saw a Twitter notification revealing something all too common in his life: a death wish from a left-wing account. And only a few tweets later from the death-wisher, the official Twitter account of the federally-funded Public Broadcasting Service, better known as PBS, favorited one of the man’s messages to Darby.

The tweet referenced a far-left, tax-funded PBS documentary attacking both Darby and the FBI called Better This World.

Darby, responding tongue-in-cheek, thanked PBS for pushing a false narrative that has inspired many from the so-called “Peace and Justice community” to want him executed.

PBS’s verified Twitter account “favorited” the response from the young man, which defended the film’s reporting techniques. “Favorites” are a Twitter feature which allow users to mark or acknowledge a tweet without placing it in one’s own timeline:

After several hours and hundreds of tweets from conservatives asking about this action, the PBS account removed the tweet from its “favorites” list. Breitbart News has reached out to PBS for comment on the incident; none was received at the time publication.

Better This World‘s narrative has long been debunked by revelations of deceptive editing, and the bomb-maker lionized in the film publicly distanced himself from the techniques it uses to push that narrative in a recent debate with Darby. That film implies that both Darby and the FBI “set up” or “otherwise encouraged” young anarchists and other leftists to firebomb the 2008 Republican National Convention (RNC ’08).

Breitbart News received comment from Darby on the exchange.

“These guys,who later became what we know as the Occupy movement, set out by the thousands with the explicit stated goal to shut the RNC down by any means necessary. They were trying to use the threat of violence to prevent an entire half of America from assembling and exercising their rights to freely speak their minds,” said Darby. “It was an honor to serve with the men and women of the FBI to safeguard the rights and safety of other Americans.”

Darby continued: “PBS made their attack movie, then another left-of-center film maker made another movie that ultimately revealed the PBS movie to be a complete fraud. I ultimately debated the bomb-maker from the film and he admitted publicly that neither I, nor the FBI, was responsible for he or his comrades criminal actions. They made bombs to hurt law enforcement and Republican delegates, we stopped them, end of story.”

To the mainstream media, that was not the end of the story. The New York Times accused Darby of “encouraging” the bomb plot after law enforcement authorities credited him with having stopped it. Darby sued the Times to make them acknowledge this was untrue. Many media outlets, from NPR to Mother Jones, attacked Darby. The late Andrew Breitbart heard the public radio attack on Darby and reached out to him. 

“Andrew encouraged me to fight back. I was very much alone until Andrew reached out to me,” said Darby. Prominent media outlets had scrubbed any of my accomplishments off of their news archives and would never allow me to speak back in an unedited manner.” He added: “They were all covering for leftist bomb-makers and wanted to discredit my testimony in coming terrorism trials. The trials touched at the core of the Left — there was a large Palestinian nonprofit I had the honor to stop from killing Israeli children all the way to the pre-Occupy crowd trying to burn and maim Republicans and law enforcement.”

“First, the Left said that the FBI and I made the bombs to justify funding for Bush’s war on terror. Once a few facts came out, they completely changed their narrative to say we had planted the bombs to justify Bush’s war on terror. A few more facts came out and they changed their narrative again to say we controlled their actions. Then again. This time they said we entrapped and gave the idea for the bombs to justify funding for Bush’s war on terror,” said Darby. “It took awhile, but the bomb-maker finally admitted he had made the whole story up. That’s when PBS made the movie saying that my performance of hyper-masculinity made it inevitable that young men in my presence would want to make bombs to prove their manhood.”

“As absurd as that sounds, PBS, like other Left media, will do anything to rewrite history and provide cover for their ‘Che-like’ more radical elements. Andrew used to call them chardonnay revolutionaries. They sit in their editorial rooms sipping wine and trying to provide cover for their more radical counterparts. Shame on PBS for diminishing violence and wishes for violence in such a manner,” said Darby. “They are funded by tax-payers and they shouldn’t be strapping on a proverbial suicide bomb-belt to Big Bird.”