WH Claims Obamacare Will Make Healthcare System More 'Rational, Sane'

WH Claims Obamacare Will Make Healthcare System More 'Rational, Sane'

During a Google Hangout on Monday, a White House adviser claimed Americans want Obamacare because it is a good product and Obamacare will make America’s health care system more “rational” and “sane.” The Hangout was an attempt to lure young Americans needed to enroll in Obamacare to prevent a so-called “death spiral,”

Actor and former White House aide Kal Penn hosted the Monday evening “Hangout” along with White House health policy advisers Christen Linke Young and Kyle Lierman.  

Since Obamacare was instituted on October 1, millions of Americans have lost their health insurance plans. The malfunctioning HealthCare.Gov website has complicated matters and added even more uncertainty as Americans have expressed concerns about losing their doctors they were promised they could keep under Obamacare. As Breitbart News reported, Americans were still complaining about the site over the weekend and on Monday, even though the White House claimed the site was now fixed for a “vast majority” of Americans.  

Yet, in response to a Google Hangout question about what the lasting impact of Obamacare would be, Linke Young responded that, “we’re going to have a much more sane, rational health care system.” 

She then emphasized what she claimed would be the “lower cost over the long run” of Obamacare and again said the system would be a “more sane, rational” one that “gets everybody covered over the long term.” She focused on the preventative services and birth control that Linke Young said would benefit women and told those on the Hangout that Obamacare would end the days of women being charged more than men for the exact same health insurance plan, echoing the rhetoric of President Barack obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. 

One of the winners of an Obamacare video contest, Maggie, emphasized that the Obamacare rollout has been “confusing,” and Linke Young responded by saying the website, which is “the core” of the marketplace, “has definitely had some problems.”

She claimed HealthCare.Gov now “for the most part” works smoothly for a “vast majority” of users even though she again conceded that people were “still facing challenges.”

Linke Young then said the “great news is the product that the website is selling is good, it’s something that people want.” 

Echoing the White House line, she also said health insurance companies sent out cancellation letters because the insurance marketplace was more “tumultuous” before Obamacare and alleged many of the plans that needed to be canceled were substandard. 

The White House had earlier asked Americans to submit questions using the #WHYouth hashtag on Twitter and Google+. The Hangout was also used to promote the White House’s Youth Summit that will be held on Wednesday.