Obama Hires Democratic Heavyweight Podesta

Obama Hires Democratic Heavyweight Podesta

President Barack Obama has hired senior Democratic strategist John Podesta to try to get his troubled second term back on course, The Washington Post reported.

Podesta, 64, served as chief of staff to Bill Clinton when he was president and will work for Obama for a year as an adviser in his inner circle, the Post said, quoting sources familiar with the move.

Podesta will return to the White House as Obama tries to regain his political footing and popularity following the very messy rollout of his signature achievement, the health care reform known as Obamacare.

Besides that key program, Podesta’s brief will be broad and include climate change issues and executive actions, the Post quoted its sources as saying.

Podesta was Clinton’s chief of staff during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and impeachment process during his second term.

Podesta is considered one of the Democratic Party’s most experienced strategists and political operatives.