Day One of CPAC Lacked Solo Women Speakers, Only Four on Schedule

Day One of CPAC Lacked Solo Women Speakers, Only Four on Schedule

There were no solo women speakers on day one of CPAC, and the only major female speaker on the schedule for the conference is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

One of the left’s favorite arguing points to voters is the supposed war on women waged by the right, but how can the right fight this when the majority of the speakers at a major gathering of conservative minds are white males? There are many women, including minority women, to choose from on the right.

Representative Michele Bachmann and Jenny Beth Martin are scheduled to speak, but the only woman expected to have any impact on the 2016 election is Palin. CPAC could have invited South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley or New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. These women are not only in a position of power, but they are also minorities. Martinez can reach out to women and the Latino vote, which leans to the left. 

They did not even bring in Condoleezza Rice, who would have also been a great choice. Her speech at the RNC in 2012 was one of the best, and she is respected on both sides of the aisle. CPAC also left out Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

CPAC is the biggest gathering of conservatives and a great place to fight back against the left. How can they convince voters, including independents, that the GOP is not the party of old white males when the majority of the speakers at CPAC are just that?

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