Rep Ellison: 'Get Rid of Them Crazy Military-Style Assault Weapons'

Rep Ellison: 'Get Rid of Them Crazy Military-Style Assault Weapons'

During an March 23rd appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said it’s okay to have shotguns “but get rid of them crazy military-style assault weapons.”

It’s as if Ellison doesn’t know the difference between a civilian AR-15, which is simply a semi-automatic rifle, and a military or police-issue M4–which is a fully automatic rifle on a AR-15 platform. 

During the interview Maher pressed Ellison on gun control, telling him Democrats were “not different enough” from the Republican Party when it comes to guns. Ellison said the Democrats were different, yet contended that they “don’t…have to eliminate ownership of all guns in order to get some common sense gun rules.” 

But “them military-style assault weapons” have got to go.

Ellison also criticized the “12,000 handgun murders each year.” The actual annual number on handgun murders for a recent year was 6,220 in 2011–almost 50 percent less than the figure Ellison cited.  

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