Study Contradicts Dems' Claim That Only 10,000 Obamacare Cancellations Still Uninsured

Study Contradicts Dems' Claim That Only 10,000 Obamacare Cancellations Still Uninsured

On December 31, 2013, Democrats on the House Energy & Commerce Committee released a report claiming that of the nearly five million people the Associated Press said had their health plans canceled due to Obamacare, only 10,000 had not yet found coverage. A new report contradicts those numbers.

“Even if one assumes the reported number of initial cancellations isaccurate, the number of individuals who are unable to renew pre-ACAcoverage, enroll in subsidized coverage, or access a catastrophic planis likely under 10,000 people,” said the Democrats’ press release.

However, the LA Times, which is the only media outlet to have reviewed a new RAND study, said the report found that “fewer than a million people who had health plans in 2013 are now uninsured because their plans were canceled for not meeting new standards set by the law.”

The RAND findings dampen President Barack Obama’s claim that Obamacare has provided coverage for 7.1 million Americans.

Furthermore, one day after Obama took a victory lap, Blue Cross Blue Shield said 15% to 20% of Obamacare “enrollees” never paid for their plans, thereby rendering them uninsured.

Now that the open enrollment period has ended, top Democrats fear the deeply unpopular Obamacare program may result in massive losses for Democrats in the upcoming November 4th midterm elections.

“I’m worried this could be a disaster,” top Democratic pollster Celinda Lake told The New York Times.

One Democratic Congress member told the paper that Obama is “poisonous” to Democrats.

The latest Associated Press poll found that just 26% of Americans now support Obamacare.

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