Sen. Tim Kaine: Push to Arm Soldiers on Military Bases Motivated by Politics

Sen. Tim Kaine: Push to Arm Soldiers on Military Bases Motivated by Politics

During an April 6th appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Congressional efforts to change policy and allow more soldiers to carry guns on military installations is “a little political.”

Kaine was responding to Representative Mike McCaul’s (R-TX) push to allow soldiers to carry on post for self-defense.

After Wallace highlighted prominent incidents on military installations where personnel have come under fire and been unable to defend themselves, Kaine pointed out that a “common thread in some of the recent shootings” is “an element of the outside world coming on to the base.” He pointed to “guns purchased out in the community” that are then brought on base against regulation. He talked about parameter security and also “the nexus… between mental health laws and gun laws.”

Wallace then discussed “gun restrictions on military bases,” saying, “soldiers are prohibited from carrying guns on the base” for self-defense, and “guns must be registered.” 

Rep. McCaul responded by saying more personnel need to be armed on bases. Wallace asked Kaine what he thought, and the Senator said: “I trust the military’s leadership on this. I don’t live on a military base and I don’t serve in the military. And for those of us in Congress to say, ‘Here’s what they should do’… [seems] a little political rather than really about safety or security.”

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