Law Enforcement: Suspected Jewish Center Gunman Went Around Background Checks

Law Enforcement: Suspected Jewish Center Gunman Went Around Background Checks

On April 14th law enforcement officials reported that Kansas Jewish Center shooting suspect Frazier Glenn Miller went around background checks to get his guns. reports that Miller purchased his guns from “a straw purchaser,” which goes beyond the facts given in the police statement–buying a gun or guns secondhand from an individual is not the same as buying from a straw purchaser and it is completely legal. It has been legal since 1791.

On the other hand, a straw purchaser is someone who goes through background checks in order to buy guns for people who are not allowed to buy them: for people who could not pass a background check in their own name. This is highly illegal and could result in more charges being added to Miller’s indictment if in fact he used the services of straw purchaser to get his guns.

Adam Lanza avoided background checks by stealing the guns he used to commit his heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary. But many other gunmen, including Army Spc. Ivan Lopez (Fort Hood), Nidal Hasan (Ft. Hood 2009), Karl Halverson Pierson (Arapahoe High School gunman), Alexis Aaron (DC Navy Yard gunman), Paul Anthony Ciancia (LAX gunman), and James Holmes (Aurora Theater gunman), went through a background check with no problem.

After arresting Miller at an elementary school near the Kansas Jewish Center, police report he shouted, “Heil Hilter!”

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