NYT: Obamacare 8 Million Number Contains 'Many Duplicate Enrollments'

NYT: Obamacare 8 Million Number Contains 'Many Duplicate Enrollments'

President Barack Obama’s much-touted eight million Obamacare “enrollment” figure contains “many duplicate enrollments,” according to the health insurance industry’s leading trade group. 

“Insurers have many duplicate enrollments in their system for which they never received any payment,” Senior Vice President of America’s Health Insurance Plans Mark Pratt told the New York Times.

Pratt says it will be “months” before insurers know the true number of paying Obamacare customers. 

First premium payment rates also continue to disappoint. WellPoint Exchange Strategist Dennis Matheis said that just 70 percent of its enrollees who had signed up by April 15th have paid their premiums. Chief Marketing Officer of the Health Care Service Corporation said only 66 percent of its Obamacare applicants have paid their premiums. 

A new Pew Research/USA Today poll shows Obamacare remains deeply unpopular with a record-high 55 percent disapproval rating.

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