Alaskans Lining Up Before Doors Open to Buy .22 Ammunition

Alaskans Lining Up Before Doors Open to Buy .22 Ammunition

Although the ammunition shortage has eased up somewhat “in the Lower 48,” Alaskans are still lining up before doors open to buy the allowable two or three boxes of .22 ammunition at various sporting goods stores.

The problem is that stores that have two or three boxes of .22 ammunition are few and far between.

In fact, the Alaska Dispatch (AD) says gun owners going to the store for ammunition “might have a better chance of encountering Bigfoot roaming the aisles than of finding ammunition for their .22 caliber weapon.”

AD reports that “20 people [recently] lined up at the Sportsman’s Warehouse store on the Old Seward Highway” just for the chance to buy “one of the 30 boxes of .22 caliber [ammunition] that would be available that day.” The buyers lined up 30 minutes before the store opened.

Part of the cause behind Alaska’s .22 shortage is reportedly that people are buying all they can, when they can, and hoarding it.

However, the National Shooting Sports Foundation says another reason is simply the fact “that .22 caliber ammunition is the most popular of all cartridge types in the U.S.”

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