Rahm Emanuel Asks Critics to Support Chicago-Style Gun Control for Our Nation

Rahm Emanuel Asks Critics to Support Chicago-Style Gun Control for Our Nation

During a June 5 appearance on CNN’s The Lead, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said if critics of his recent gun control push really want to see gun crime diminished they should join together for national gun laws like he is pushing in Chicago.

Host Jack Tapper pointed out that “critics say [the gun control laws Emanuel is] proposing will really not affect the people who are committing gun crimes in Chicago.”

Tapper then asked, “Don’t they have a point? The people who commit these crimes aren’t going to the gun store and guying guns legally, right?”

Instead of answering the question, Emanuel said “no and yes,” talked about being “under court order” to do something other than ban every gun store in the city, and then said:

For those very critics I would say… join me in making sure we have a foundation which is a national background check, a limit on one gun a month and straw purchases. So rather than criticize what we’re doing, join us in the effort of passing comprehensive gun legislation nationally.

The problem for Emanuel is that law-abiding Chicagoans have lived under comprehensive gun control that included a ban on guns in their homes until recently, so they know what gun control leads to – and it isn’t less crime.

This is why the Chicago Tribune says Emanuel’s gun control push will not “crimp any thug’s lifestyle,” but it will shackle law-abiding citizens.

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