Buyers of Hillary's 'Hard Choices' Aren't Reading It

Buyers of Hillary's 'Hard Choices' Aren't Reading It

According to an unscientific metric used to gauge how far Kindle readers make it into a book they have purchased, even the very few people who have purchased Hillary Clinton’s lousy-selling “Hard Choices” aren’t bothering to read it.

The Washington Post:

It works like this: Every time people highlight something in a book on their Kindles, Amazon records that data. Ellenberg takes the top five highlights listed at the site for any given book and correlates them to a page number. Comparing the average page number of those five highlights to the length of the book gives you a sense of how many people made it how far in. …

The deepest into Hard Choices the popular highlights get is page 33, a quote about smart power.

When compared to books written by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Robert Gates, “Hard Choices” came in dead last.

In other news, is compiling data that records what you choose to highlight in a Kindle book.

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