Obama Warns Democrats to Avoid Repeat of 2010 Midterm Elections

Obama Warns Democrats to Avoid Repeat of 2010 Midterm Elections

At a fundraiser in California, President Obama lamented that Democrats tend to forget about the midterm elections, reminding supporters of the Republican sweep in 2010.

“During midterm elections, people don’t evenknow there’s an election — don’t know who their congressmanis, don’t know who their senators are,” he complained. “And as a consequence, the otherside tends to vote at higher rates.”

Obama said that the Democratic electorate was “disproportionately” made up of the young, minorities, and single women. 

“Sothe midterms come around, and lo and behold we’re surprised when JohnBoehner is the Speaker of the House. Say, well, how did that happen? What happened to Nancy Pelosi?” he said. “What happened was you alldidn’t work. That’s what happened. And then all kinds of — stuff happened.”

As the crowd laughed, Obama repeated himself. “That’s what it was — stuff.”

Obama also blasted Congressional Republicans for stopping his agenda.

“The truth of the matter is that the reason right now we don’t have a government that’s working for the American people is because the Republican Party has been taken over by people who just don’t believe in government,” he insisted.

Obama accused Republicans of supporting an “anything goes” philosophy that believed in the idea of only a few people doing well, allowing polluters and companies to cheat consumers on their credit cards. 

“As a consequence, they have no interest in seeing anything work, the people they’re fighting for and working for, stuff is working for them just fine,” Obama said sourly. “And so they obstruct, and they obfuscate, and they bamboozle, and they sometimes don’t tell exactly what’s true.”